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Mia Atelier, flower embroideries and fuid lines for the new bridal collection

The last bridal haute couture collection of the elegant wedding brand Mia Atelier focuses on sublime beauty of embroidery, symbol of extreme craftsmanship and great romance. Embroider is how to draw on fabrics, being able to enhanche the most precious textiles giving to them new splendor with ancient and modern techniques, realizing every extraordinary design that a couturier imagines with his fantasy.

This art, so ancient and modern at the same time, has inspired the fashion designer Miriana Pramatarska, creator of the trademarked label Mia Atelier, to design sophisticated wedding dresses in which the main protagonist is just the embroidery with enchanting décor.

Petals and flowers enhance bustier and fluid long dresses with ethereal and sophisticated line, characterized by sartorial cuts that are rigorous and sensual at the same time, absolutely dreaming because of their extreme delicacy.

Overlays, see through effects and asymmetric cuts enchant with their architectural design but, it's above all, the seductive power of embroidery to make this series of wedding dresses signed by Mia Atelier so absolutely haute couture because every dress is handmaded with great creativity and remarkable knowledge of the most sophisticated sartorial tecniques.

The wedding gowns by Mia Atelier, realized in the elegant atelier in Porto San Giorgio (in province of Fermo), are an ode to the more authentic and exciting femininity because, if for declaring our love nothing is lighter than gifting a beautiful flower, what really are these embroidered dresses with floral patterns? Yes, they are a fashionable declaration of love.

Dedicated to romantic brides who love minimalist chic style embellished by precious details that always make the difference, just like these amazing flower embroideries, these dresses by Miriana Pramatarska move higher in the sign of the greatest haute couture embroidery tradition, a timeless tradition absolutely never ending.


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