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Milan Design Week, Nina Chez Valentino

A conversation between fashion and design, the past and the contemporary world. Memory, not nostalgia: a dialogue that transforms tradition into a language with which to narrate the present.

For Design Week Valentino presented Nina Chez Valentino, a project in the form of a dialogue between the creations of the Valentino Fall 2018 collection and a selection of decor complements from the Nilufar gallery of Nina Yashar.

Inside the Valentino boutique in Milan, 5 rooms were set up as 5 dialogues to define a method: to investigate the identity of the past, the great aesthetic tradition of Valentino and the great masters of design, to create new, non-retro directions.

Instinct, first of all: beyond the historical caption, beyond references to authors, the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and Nina Yashar have orchestrated an imaginary and personal exchange, combining forms, symbols and creative visions. A game of correspondences and reflections on the value of fashion and design as vehicles to convey the meaning of the contemporary world

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