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Milano Design Week, Marella Ferrera for Paola Lenti

It goes on with great success the collaboration between the couturier Marella Ferrera and designer Paola Lenti, together again at the Milan Design Week

They present a precious home collection with artisanal flavour, where the concept of the flower is reinterpreted with remarkable grace and elegance, giving a more new contemporary and innovative meaning to this symbol of eternal beauty.

This poetic high fashion blends with strenght in carpets, tablewear design and pouf entirely embroidered by hand which are authentic masterpieces of style thought to dress up the space that we occupy not just as simple objects but as deep emotions.

At Milano Design Week from 17 to 21 april 2018, Marella Ferrera and Paola Lenti will present a project born the egimony of the great italian cfratsmanship which from long times influences the minds and hands of these artists which have been discovering their own sensibility in search for beig surrounded by a real and living beauty.

To follow is “Sciara”, a project on a lavic glass stone which is on from the last three years: now the colors of marble veins are inspired by the great waves of the ocean from which you cannot take your eyes off.

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