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Milano Fashion Week: The women's warrior of Carmen Clemente Couture on the catwalk a hymn to the strength and courage of contemporary women

The new collection by Carmen Clemente treads the Milanese catwalks with a true hymn to the strength and courage of women: a warrior in short who knows how to captivate with his ability to fight and overcome obstacles.

«I think fashion should reflect the social reality we are experiencing - underlines Carmen -, in order to convey current and concrete messages. My collection highlights the courage of women who make their way into an increasingly complex and articulated society ».

Carmen Clemente's collection tells a femininity dressed in chiffon skirts, vertiginous heels and studded ankle boots, as well as corsets in leather that enhance the physicality of the woman making it a real fashion sculpture.

Behind the thirty-year success of Carmen's career, now there is also the talent of Dalila Recchia, creative director of great professional depth who has made a decisive contribution to the success of the show.

A corollary of the fashion show is the partnership of Carmen Clemente Couture with "Made in prison", a brand that redeems the work of female prisoners who manufacture accessories using recycled materials thanks to the collaboration with the founder of the Luciana Delledonne brand.

So a fashion show in the dark to experience the "fashion" effect on the five human senses: last Thursday at the Magna Pars Suites hotel in Via Forcella, it was a truly original presentation of the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Women's collections.

The fifth edition of this fashion event organized by Mad Mood, one of the most daring and particular formats, conceived by Marianna Miceli, has had great guests among the public as the former supermodel Valeria Mazza and the influencers Francesca De Andrè, Pamela Camassa and Cecilia Capriotti.

The show presented the international lifestyle by telling territories and cultures from all over the world through fashion and collections of international designers: from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, from India to Russia, without forgetting the Italian style that has always been the protagonist.

Five senses, VIP guests, emotions and international partnerships have therefore been the driving force behind a unique fashion event: a public in the dark, senses and international fashion in full light for the Milan Fashion Week with Carmen Clemente Couture.

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