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Minimal To, body & soul

Minimal To is a women's clothing brand founded in 2011 by Elisa Mazza, Danila Olivieri and Stefano Sberze. The incessant observation of our evolving society is the creative drive that leads to the creation of collections with an intense and atmospheric allure, decidedly fascinating and bohemian verve. The whole, rigorously realized and silk-screened by hand, is the result of a deep research of both technical and natural materials. Minimal's design is a great challenge for me, thanks to a meticulous research of shapes and fabrics that adapt to the body and soul and to the interpretation of ourselves that we give to the world every day. The dress is not a mask or armor to hide behind. It is so much more When we choose it with our heart, instinctively, it is the truest part of us and it resembles us in such an impressive way almost to the point of feeling "naked" among others because it is not a second skin, but 'habit of our soul and essence, ethereal and immortal.


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