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Missoni winter 2018 campaign

Full-length portraits, the bodies of top American model Gigi Hadid and French male model Yassine Rahal—protagonists of the Missoni Winter 2018 campaign—define themselves against monochromatic backgrounds and transform the images of Harley Weir, with the creative direction of Angela Missoni, into an anthem of personality and freedom of being. A gallery of silhouetted figures, graphic poses, and soaring identities that are iconic, unique and inimitable. A convergence of body and garment, personality and style identity. It is an invitation to compose, superimpose, and deliberately interpret the extraordinary craftsmanship, finishings, and details of a collection rich in creations and variations; shades and patterns; weights and textures. Enveloping fabrics are soft and warm, or otherwise lightweight and transparent. A style that morphs into an unmistakable expression of energy and singularity against the immense backdrop of clear blue skies.

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