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Moacasa 2018, the Dolce Stil Novo of the Made in Italy

The 2018 edition of Moacasa, a leading exhibition in the furniture and furnishings sector for the reality of Central and Southern Italy, ended with great success among visitors, buyers and press. Held from 27 October to 4 November at the gigantic exhibition space of the Fiera di Roma, as every edition has proved invaluable to indicate the new trends in all environments, from the kitchen to the bedroom, as well as any interesting innovation in the field of design and the functionality of accessories designed specifically for the home, thinking about the needs of an international clientele, with an eye to eco-sustainability. Without of course never neglecting the attention to quality and comfort, essential elements to offer competitive products.

Now in its 44th edition, with the elegant subtitle "dolce Stil Novo" of Dante's memory, it is the happy mix between tradition and innovation that has consolidated over time the importance of this event that this year has unfolded through three huge pavilions that have hosted as many as 250 companies from all over Italy.

The intent is precisely to promote quality Made in Italy, making industry and high craftsmanship dialogue intelligently in a decidedly interesting ensemble of stands to visit. Particularly interesting are the proposals by Delta Salotti whose new collection of upholstered items has particularly impressed visitors for the elegance of its forms, in perfect harmony between the classic and the modern. His sofas redefine the space giving the environment a contemporary and always personalized look. Comfort and relaxation combine with the latest furnishing trends, giving seats with an absolute visual impact that are a hymn to great Italian craftsmanship, and certainly a real pleasure for those who can enjoy it in their own private home, making it even more elegant and sophisticated. Just as has always been done THESIGN, an interior design company whose mission is to combine the aesthetic form with the ideal functionality, customizing the spaces to fit the people who will live them. Great listening skills, therefore, of the needs of customers combined with a creative sensitivity and an intuition that allows THESIGN to make the ideal real, fulfilling every desire of its demanding clientele who knows that he can find here only the best solutions furnishings on the market for a dynamic and suggestive aesthetic impact.

A house to live under the most innovative design, composed of always new shapes and materials that marry the charm of the essential, in a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality is what is proposed by another Italian company that has achieved considerable success among the insiders: we are talking about RIFLESSI whose furniture collections are a perfect combination of stylistic innovation and careful manufacturing strictly Made in Italy. His endless compositional possibilities and the most varied solutions in terms of style magnificently extend the codes of living for a home to be lived and loved.

Spontaneity and refinement, authority and style: CATTELAN ITALIA is all this and much more. It is impossible not to mention in this our special selection of the 2018 edition of the Moacasa this extraordinary Venetian company, a real jewel of Made in Italy, present in 150 countries all over the world, with over 350 stores. Able to mold with taste, style and great attention to comfort every material, from wood to glass, from leather to metal, boasts a remarkable originality of design. There is no Beautiful tout court and that's it. If it is not accompanied by comfort and functionality, interior design remains a mere stylistic exercise. This is why the proposed solutions embrace the idea of ​​a custom-tailored concept space with sober elegance, in the name of that uniqueness and exclusivity that has always made Italian products in the world a glorious one.


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