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"Mod", Georges Hobeika Haute couture FW 2021-22 Collection


Maison Georges Hobeika  builds the leitmotiv of its Couture fall-winter 2021/22 collection on the minimal extravagance and joyful romanticism of the sixties.

Hobeika 21 7 21 2

Inspired by the Mod movement, a host of evanescent silhouettes develops - from coat to sheath - its harmonious lines and delicate details to evoke the happiness of an elegant and festive era.

Hobeika 21 7 21 3

Georges Hobeika’s recognizable heritage and highly desirable vision combines the emanation of a vintage spirit with the evocation  of a decade  of recklessness  to carve  unique creations celebrating a way of life dedicated to freedom. 

Hobeika 21 7 21 4

The emblematic signature of the Maison is expressed by virtuoso associations of feathers and sparkling crystals, but also by outfits shrouded in mystery and sobriety that carry a fresh and new glance on Couture.

Hobeika 21 7 21 5

Providing  a new demonstration of their unrivaled expertise, the Maison’s atelier tame precious fabrics  that  seem illuminated by the soft lights and refined colors of a strong winter sun. 

Hobeika 21 7 21 6

Sophisticated embroideries compose sumptuous patterns inspired by nature on majestic waves of organza. 
This incomparable know-how illustrates a dynamism allowing all variations, between transparency or modesty, simplicity or sumptuousness, modern or classic: a universal hymn to life, grace and lightness, dedicated to all women, of all generations.

Hobeika 21 7 21 7

© Georges Hobeika

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