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Modart by Flavia Pinello dresses the international soprano Natalia Pavlova

The universe of art with all its planets which are nothing but its different human expressions is like a magnet for true beauty, fertile ground from which arise from always happy and fruitful collaborations such as those between the worlds of music and fashion.A very important example is the cooperation between the sicilian couturier Flavia Pinello, founder of the brand Modart by Flavia Pinello, with internationally acclaimed Russian soprano Natalia Pavlova, a descendant of the great poet Alexander Pushkin. And it is not a  coincidence if you consider the great success of Flavia Pinello not only in Italy but throughout the world and particularly in Russia. This past March 10 Natalia Pavlova performed in Vienna in the elegant auditorium of the prestigious hotel "Imperial" for the Grand Gala in honor of the assignment  of the new russian Consul in Vienna, in the presence of dignitaries from around the world.

For the occasion, Natalia Pavlova wore a dress created exclusively for her by Modart by Flavia Pinello. The sophisticated quartz pink long dress consisted of a corset with sublime lace rebrodé transparencies illuminated by beautiful hand applied crystals and of a long skirt in chantilly lace profiled with gold decòr and covered by an ethereal chiffon that drew a sophisticated trail.

An amazing evening dress with rigorous,lines enhanced by the careful choice of fabrics and embroidered couture of great charme, in the sign of the great Made in Italy quality of which Modart by Flavia Pinello is one of the most new iconic names in the world.

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