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Modernity and timeless values, the new capsule collection by Natan


Aware of the environmental impact that the use of leathers has on the environment, La Maison Natan presents, for this autumn, a new type of vegan leather developed from cactus in its new Couture collection.
A completely innovative concept that draws inspiration from Mexico, from the name of Desserto.

Natan 14 9 20 2

Driven by modernity and faithful to its timeless values, Maison Natan presents an alternative for the world of fashion, both for the environment and for animal welfare.
An abundant plant in Mexico, the cactus doesn't require a lot of water or maintenance with herbicides or pesticides.

Natan 14 9 20 3

Contains a protein with natural waterproof and adhesive properties which makes it even more interesting to work.
Sight and touch are amazed by the look and feel like real leather.
While the pure lines draw large-format silhouettes with enveloping volumes, the lining, the secret shadow of the garment, is made beautiful by the flannel. From a chiaroscuro chromatic field, Maison Natan has focused its gaze on a deep burgundy and a bottle green, based on natural pigments.

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Press Office: Caroline Charles Communication

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