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Montegallo, freedom of the postmodern journey

The natural elements are the inspiration of the collections of handmade hats and Made in Italy of the Montegallo brand where colors, shapes, color combinations, materials and workmanships are a tribute to nature in its purity.

Unrivaled, eclectic, sophisticated, elegant and versatile, the Montegallo collections experience unprecedented space-time connections with the freedom of the postmodern journey.

From the dunes to the countryside, on an off-road vehicle or an elegant walk to an adventurous metropolitan safari in Italy.

Influences Urban Bohemien and Countryside come together to contaminate freely with stylistic trends of the past and contemporary and the result are multiform, colorful collections, perfect for every circumstance.

Naturally, besides design and technique, it is the quality of the raw materials used to make the difference, enhancing workmanship and models.

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