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“Moon Rising”, Pomandère A-W 2020/21 Collection


Pomandère's A-W 2020-21 collection drive us through en experience of the emotions of three moments that mark the passage of time of the day, through a temporal journey.
The  colors  and  the  characteristics  of  the  fabrics  outline  these  moments  of  a hypothetical day outdoors in nature, with an authentic and precise narrative.
The first moment is represented by the dew, which corresponds to the morning light, the awakening of nature and the boundless spaces illuminated by a thousand colors.

POMANDere 21 4 20 2

Regarding the central moment of the day, the designer Carlo Zanuso, identifies it with the rainbow which colors the horizon by iridescent raindrops, and which mystically opens the day aimed to be lived with total freedom.
The last moment is when the moon rises and with it the night, the moment when the moon's reflections illuminate the darkness in the night.

POMANDere 21 4 20 3

Starting from this creative framework, the collection is dressed by new colors among many shades that characterize these precise moments of the day. The dew, distinguishes the collection with soft and delicate colors, such as oats, vanilla, old rose and water till whisper a harmonious  awakening with more lively touches, enriched with energetic colors such as wild must, cyclamen and emerald.
The rainbow dyes the part of the collection with the most intense and vivid colors, from the bright red of the hibiscus to the orange of the pumpkin, from the sky-colored to the sage and with earthenware, teal and ice-colored tips.

POMANDere 21 4 20 4

The moon became the protagonist with its intensity full of magic and mystery, offering night colors in shades of gray, black and anthracite, illuminated with golden touches and lurex threads.

POMANDere 21 4 20 5

Refined, studied, whispered and bright colors tell the universe of a woman who seeks herself in an ever-changing dimension but charged with living the day that comes up with strenght.
A woman in love with her emotions, who isn’t afraid of listen to them and be guided by her instincts to freely express her strong and refined femininity.

© Pomandère

Press Office: Teresa La Fosca Public Relations & Press Office

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