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Moonrise, Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Paris SS2020


A circle is a symbol of eternity and  harmony, with no beginning nor end.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 2

It is the balance of life. The circle is also lunar, the way a moon often hints a feminine divinity.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 3

The curtain  rises on a big coat  of gazar, like a middle  eastern prince’s, worn on an evening pyjama  in ivory crepe. Then steps forward a half-poncho made of concentric circles. 

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 4

Later on, a spheric jumpsuit in grainy crepe with silver embroideries transcribes with each step, every shift of the body. The flow is yet again architectural, driven and  spectacular.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 5

A white jersey sheath dress  blooms out of a bouquet of half circles on the ankles, skirts are draped in loops and  reveal a hip or a leg, all the way to the waist.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 6

The gowns and  jackets’ shoulder lines are squared and the lapels, circular.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 7 

The style is minimal but strong. Stéphane Rolland for this summer 2020 goes to the essential and  affirms his gesture.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 9

A silver bustier is holding  a cage of gigantic orchids made of black  and  white gazar, an  other  is entirely covered with topaz  or yet, circled  by a sculpture of silver and  smoked crystals  or embroidered with feathers on a big transparent gauze skirt.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 10

The allure is soft, milky, cloudy. The aspect remains light, floating, like the sculptures of white sequins embellishing a bust  or black  Samothrace’s like wings on the hips of a bustier dress in nude iridescent chiffon.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 12

The colors are fundamental. Black, white, cream … but punctuated with browns, bougainvillea pink and  Klein blue.

Stephane Rolland 23 1 20 13

Metallic embroideries made of silver mirrors, crystals and  chrome spheres  are shimmering but  with the  sole purpose of emphasising a curve or finish a movement.
The movement, incidentally, is a constant pursuit of a dream and  accuracy.
Infinite delicacy.

Press Office: Stéphane Rolland
©Stéphane Rolland

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