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Movitra, Made in Italy is forever young

Movitra is a Made in Italy eyewear brand born from the creativity of 3 designers, Filippo, Giuseppe and Diego, who have been able to combine innovation and tradition in an absolutely unique product on the market and this year awarded at the White Milano with the prestigious Inside White Award . The name is a crasis between move vitra, which in Latin means "move the glasses" and in this movement, almost playful, certainly ingenious and innovative, is the success of this young and Italian brand already forcefully imposed on the international market of luxury eyewear. Movement, we said: a rotating closure system protects the lenses from scratches. This is an exclusive Movitra patent that signs the total quality of its glasses, guaranteed for life.

Unmistakable lines, brilliant combinations of colors, textures and shades, only the best components and materials available and a revolutionary, simple and ingenious locking system that protects the work and signs its uniqueness. Movitra, in fact, has invented different solutions that allow the frame to rotate on itself and to close the bars on both lenses, so as to protect them.

Concept, design and production are completely Made in Italy and this is certainly a source of pride for our country, as it is also a decidedly competitive sector, provided we beat the competition not only proposing a refined design and a local production that makes the difference given the extreme skill of our sublime artisans, but above all an idea, something that has never been seen before. Because this is the true strength of Made in Italy: proposing what others can not even imagine.


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