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Murrha collection by Malìparmi

Malìparmi celebrates its amazing 40 years into fashion world through Murrha, a limited edition capsule collection created with extraordinaty glassmaker Davide Salvadore. Marol Paresi founde Malìparmi in 1977, pushed by her creative vision and bold passion for Murano glass which inspired her jewelry line.

The special collection is a precious tribute to the founder's love for Murrine, where craftsmanship and the secrets of Murano glass melt the original values of Malìparmi.

The unique art of master Salvadore, characterized by strong artisanal tradition and original shapes, colours and decoration, meet the modern printing technology in "three-hole" technical jersey dresses, each of which has one of three trompe l'oeil fantasies. Even the bag and sandals are adorned with Murano glass made exclusively for this enchanting collection. They recall the history of Murrine when in the past, as a bargaining chip, they traveled aboard the caravans between Africa, Asia and Venice, just like the nomadic spirit Malìparmi.

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