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My Golden Odyssey, by Nicolas Jebran


" As years go by, and as we grow, we search for what really matters; what makes us who we are, and what reveals the deep fight inside our selves; the struggle between who we are and what we want to be; the choice of becoming different, and accepting the difference…. The now’s, the tomorrows and come what may….

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My Golden Odyssey, sets a landmark in my journey, a trip that took days and nights, the moments, the smiles, the people I carry in my heart; the will to succeed, the obstacles, all in an adventure like no other. 

Nicolas Jebran 10 7 19 3

Unique in the person, in the interpretation, in the feel, and in its reflection of the inner person I am…

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Today, I reveal what has passed in a will to expel what happened within me; in my quest to create some new space in a new perspective, in an ultimate vision…

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There in my world of dresses; where each dress tells a story, and each story has a hero, and each hero has an odyssey, and each odyssey takes you to a world of imagination, where there are no limits, no barriers, and nothing really matters but the inner you…"

Nicolas Jebran

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