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Naomi Portrait by Artist Ilian Rachov

The portrait Of Naomi Campbell was created by the artist Ilian Rachov for Mr. Antonio Caravano who is one of the biggest collectors in the world of Gianni Versace's clothes, items and furnishings. The work will be displayed during the official exhibition of his collection in the National Archeological Museum of Naples  from July 13 2017.  The exhibition is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the tragic dead of Gianni Versace. There will also be displayed a portrait of Gianni Versace painted also by Artist Ilian Rachov.

In the portrait Naomi wears a Gianni Versace dress belonging to the bondage style collection made of leather, silk and golden studs. Even the dress is part of the private collection of Antonio Caravano and will be shown near to Naomi's Portrait at the exhibition. Naomi's portrait was shared by herself on all of her social profiles several times.


Maria Christina Rigano

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