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NAUGHTY KITTY Christmas Collection

The WYCON woman's holidays is dressed in sensuality, determination and irreverence with the new Naughty Kitty collection,  dedicated to the hidden feline side of every WYCON lover.

A paladin of glamorous makeup, who keeps watch every night in her WYCON City, walking on rooftops and ledges,

admiring the metropolis from unusual points of view. She ventures into the alleys of the most top-secret venues to celebrate every midnight as if it were the beginning of a fantastic new year!

Cat W - the imaginary heroine of our collection - knows the power of a look highlighted by special make-up effects, thanks to the perfect WYCON products: saturated, inky tones create long-lasting, stunning effects that emphasise her feline eyes.

Mascara, eyeshadow palettes and pencils are the "must haves" of her makeup bag. She expertly applies beguiling powders and textures to her face, highlighting her beauty and masking imperfections, glowing like the lights at a party.

Night-time tones warm her skin, with matte shades from brick to dark green. She takes every occasion to shine with on trend colours that create a precious metal finish.

On the lips are bright, vinyl or matte colours that are creamy and enveloping, and will captivate without saying a word.

To prepare for events this winter season, from afternoons "purring" in front of a roaring fire to evenings of games and exchanging gifts under the tree, Naughty Kitty is the perfect choice for your elegant, envied and ever unpredictable feline alter ego!


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