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Neapolitan passion and culture


The Neapolitan artisan tradition has a long history, which always fascinates us and catapults us into a wonderful world, where time seems to stand still.

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Thanks to the strength and tenacity of those who truly love their work, today we can witness a historical tradition of some wonderful realities, capable of adapting to any age, transforming their skilful work into products of the highest quality, which reveal in their perfect execution, all the savoir fair inherited from its roots.

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Tramontano 1865 is one of the rare examples of this extraordinary territory, which has been able to preserve the wise knowledge of the Neapolitan tradition of the tannery, creating for over 150 years bags, suitcases, belts and accessories, made of leather and harmoniously enriched with weaves and details in brass , creating always elegant and perfectly produced collections.

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The same logo of Tramontano 1865 exudes the passion of this historical brand for the Neapolitan territory and culture, in which a graphic line represents two marine animals of the Mediterranean, the manatees or dugongs, where their vision in mythology is attributed to the myth of the sirens including that of the Siren Parthenope, mythologically considered the founder of Naples.

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The precious hands of the master artisans of Tramontano 1865 went beyond the traditional production of bags or suitcases, creating very ambitious and difficult to execute projects such as automotive, yachting, aeronautics and residential interior design.

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In fact, only those who really have the full awareness and professional ability of their work can carry out these projects, to personalize at best and to the maximum every type of request that is entrusted to them, even by the most demanding clients.


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This is why today Tramontano 1865 represents one of the most excellent "Made in Naples" brands on the international scene, where the search for details, the scrupulous attention to production and the high quality of the leathers used, have allowed this brand to be a guarantee of style, elegance and reliability for over 150 years.

Credit Images: Tramontano 1865

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