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ACH, a signature brand by HOMMÉS Studio, designs a line of luxury objects, expresses lifestyle throughout your home.


ACH 7 10 20 2

Decorative pieces that carry cultures, stories, and artistic vibes showing off personality in your special room.
A series of spontaneous and extraordinary collections, from decor to homeware, continually seeking new experiences in design with the philosophy of turn a home into your unique space.

ACH 7 10 20 3

Potteries, fragrances, pets, and outstanding furnishings are some of the luxury decorative items that you can expect to assist diverse lifestyles.
Consistently well-finished objects with attention to details, capable of awakening emotions, collecting memories, telling a story.


ACH 7 10 20 4

Also available a Pet collection meeting a beautiful selection of objects, full of praise and love, matching the lifestyle that our animals deserve!

ACH 7 10 20 6

Influential, innovative, and exquisite, ACH is reinventing a wholly modern approach to Home decoration. Luxurious, contemporary, and curated – The ex-libris of handmade products following traditions yet.... very trendy.

ACH 7 10 20 5


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