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New flowers bloom in Jerusalem


Giant red poppies arrive to give a touch of color to the city of Jerusalem.
A group of Tel Aviv architects from the HQ Architecs group created a truly original installation: Warde, a series of four sculptures similar to red poppies ready to bloom.

Warde 28 8 19 2

The poppies open their corollas whenever someone walks under their structure or nearby, at night they light up when someone passes, thus allowing them to use energy only when needed.

Warde 28 8 19 3

They are real interactive sculptures rich of color and energy that give new life to the town square and they are designed to provide illumination during the night and shade during the day, when the flower petals are completely open .

Warde 28 8 19 4

Warde's aim is to create a more livable urban space around elements other than the usual. The novelty seems to be much appreciated by both citizens and tourists who visit Jerusalem.

Warde 28 8 19 5

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