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Nigel Preston, appealing rock'n roll attitude

Nigel Preston is an exclusive, original and innovative brand which have so much success thanks its love for research and experimentation about new materials, fabrics and shapes able to draw an absolutely cutting edge and contemporary silhouette. The rock bohemian appeal of this brand is so clear in its creations that are the result of a happy combination between a classy chic allure with strong details with a great visual impact for eyes, mind and soul. Tradition and innovation are mixed together in an appealing way and they overlay themselves to botain stylistic solutions definitely super cool.

The British creative soul of designers Nigel Preston and Brenda Knight results in their eponymous brand, which features skilful use of precious suede. The creative couple has been successful for approximately three decades thanks to their innovative approach, creative models and to their painstaking care for unusual details. It is also thanks to Preston and Knight that nowadays leather enjoys the same status as silk, despite the hard and rock & roll connotation it has always had in the collective images. Nigel Preston’s collection enjoys widespread distribution in America, Japan, Scandinavia and across Europe. 

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