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NORDIC ANGELS by Marketa Häkkinen


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NORDIC ANGELS by Marketa Häkkinen 


Czech Marketa Häkkinen created Nordic Angels in 2017, in collaboration with Venezuelan designer Mariela Pokka. The two met in 2017 at Mariela’s boutique in the charming Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle, at a time when Marketa was creating sketches and working on her first wedding collection, returning to her original profession as fashion designer. She started by creating her own bridal dress, and has now completed her first collection of wedding and event dresses, shoes and handbags that she will be premiering on the runway of the 5th edition of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week.

The name Nordic Angels was inspired by the Reindeers that inhabit the Arctic Circle, and the dresses Marketa designs are her Angels. Reindeer leather is silky, lightweight, incredibly soft, strong and durable with a delicate sparkling elegant touch. All Reindeer hides that Nordic Angels uses are ethically obtained from the Sami people, who use the Reindeer for their families as an important source of meat, milk and raw materials for clothing, bedding and tools. Nothing is wasted and any excess hide, meat and antler are sold so other essential supplies may be purchased in the stores. 

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