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Norma J Baker, an entirely Made in Italy artisan tradition


For over seventy years Norma J Baker has been creating and producing women's shoes entirely Made in Italy with the same passion and quality as ever.

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In a craft workshop in 1950, the year the company was founded, women's sandals and pumps were produced by hand and the scrupulous work of master craftsmen and the careful selection of the highest quality materials used for the creation of their collections, allowed this extraordinary company to conquer a market first national and then abroad, having become over the years an icon of quality and style of the "real" Made in Italy ".

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Norma J Baker has a distinct, defined, clean stylistic trait in which the elegance and comfort of their shoes are the basis of the collections which, with harmonious creativity, has always guaranteed over the years the creation of refined women's shoes.

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The passion, the constant stylistic research and the careful attention to detail have allowed her to expand their production of women's shoes also for the creation of small leather goods collections, where the same craftsmanship and the high quality of the materials are preserved employees who have made this company an icon of style and quality in the world.


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