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“Les mains libres”, Charles de Vilmorin Haute Couture FW 2021-22 Collection


The only print present in Charles de Vilmorin's Haute Couture collection is the monogram of his house: a calligraphy. His name drawn in white chalk as on a school blackboard, here it is printed infinitely.

Charles de Vilmorin 9 8 21 2

A magic slate of a fashion prodigy in the midst of a pandemic to lead the mainstream ship.
Lines in motion, frozen at the moment of a click.

Charles de Vilmorin 9 8 21 3

The designer's hands move, sway, to mold skirts made from 80-foot pleated tulle, twisting a silk thread to make shadow flowers bloom...

Charles de Vilmorin 9 8 21 4

Pleated taffeta, twisted sheath dresses, carnivorous black contrasts with the kaleidoscope of her early designs. Everything swings, everything moves.

Charles de Vilmorin 9 8 21 5

Black is like a line on a white page, it's his shadow, it's the first gesture of an independent couture, free and now more than ever the designer wants to present to the new generations an innovative couture, modern and as the true couture requires, all the clothes of the maison are strictly unique and of an extraordinary elegance.

© Charles de Vilmorin

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