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CFDA - Il delicato gioco tra l'industria del Fashion World e i consumatori


The fashion industry has long subscribed to the mantra “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” when it comes to showcasing their lines via live-streamed runway shows and constant social media updates. But in the modern climate of instant gratification, the months between a runway show and the clothes actually being available in stores has become frustrating for consumers, and sales are starting to suffer. Consumer-facing initiatives are therefore becoming a hot-ticket for brands opting to refocus their sales strategies and brand messaging tactics. At a time when the CFDA is rethinking the current New York Fashion Week format for a more consumer-facing model, we’re left to wonder if the industry as a whole will listen up and follow suit. Ahead, see how 4 designer heavyweights are shaking things up and putting the consumer at the forefront of their business.

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