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Okhtein, a history of luxury and culture


The Okhtein brand, which in Arabic means "sisters" launched in 2014, stems from the will of Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf, sisters in life who wanted to revive the true Egyptian artisan luxury by presenting their collections of luxury handbags to an audience international.

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Each phase of the brand's production chain is strictly executed by Egyptian craftsmen of the highest manufacture, guaranteeing each item in the collection a preciousness and uniqueness that distinguishes the brand.

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Okhtein is not just a luxury brand, but it is also a constantly committed to supporting the cultural value of Egyptian craftsmanship while still providing an innovative and avant-garde design.

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Aya and Mounaz AbdelRaouf, thanks to their creative flair and their refined cultural and philosophical thinking, revive the history of a culture that has contributed to tracing the guidelines of the socio-cultural emancipation of the whole humanity.

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Today the sale of the collections of this exclusive and luxurious brand is available, as well as on the official website (Okhtein), in the most prestigious and selected boutiques of the world: from Dubai to New-York, from London to Beirut.

Image from Okhtein

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