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Oliviero Toscani- 50 years of magnificent failures

Until the next 28 april 2017, hosted by the  hitelight Art Gallery in Milan, will be on display a very exclusive retrospective dedicated to a great italian photographer, Oliviero Toscani.

Th title? Provocative and ironic, just like him. It's called "Oliviero Toscani- 50 years of magnificent failures" and aims to reflect the public about what the concet of provocation. Yesterday as today with its irreverent and forever modern images because unfortunately the years have passed, but the society, by a sociological and cultural point of view, haven't do many steps forward. For this reason the images signed by Oliviero Toscani still shocked people, but have the advantage of forcing the people to think, to get his idea about, perhaps remains a prejudice, but certainly there isn't indifference behind these pictures. In the Whitelight Art Gallery, inside the space Copernico Milano Centrale, here here you can see he journey of a man always against the current, whose strongest and powerful shots have always been crosscurrent, fighting the anti-conformism that for Oliviero Toscani has always been the worst enemy of creativity. Things, even the most profound and difficult to tell, it can express with grace and simplicity, without using artifices because the life is just like this, everyone of us know this truth very well, so it's useless make up it like a clown...


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