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OroOro by the designer Oronzo De Matteis

OroOro luxury shoes are hand-made exclusively Made in Italy.  UFASHON interviewed the designer Oronzo De Matteis to discover more about his secrets.
The OroOro brand is born from the passion, the experience and the inspiration of the designer Oronzo De Matteis. OroOro stands out for its feminine and refined creations, a style recognized and appreciated in fashion circles in European and international markets. Its collections are distinguished by an original and elegant design, attentive to details. For the realization of his shoes, the designer Oronzo De Matteis relies on the mastery of the workmanship of the best professional artisans in the luxury sector of Made in Italy. 
OroOro offers high quality women's shoes of the highest quality that differ in style to offer elegance combined with quality and comfort. Inimitable creations made of fine leathers, satins, silk and lace, soft materials embellished with Swarovski stones that make the product elegant and impeccable in style.
With which brands you have dealt and what about your last collaborations?
I dealt with the most famous luxury brands when I lived and worked in San Mauro Pascoli as Sergio Rossi, Gucci Group, Bruno Magli, Baldinini, Alexander Mc Queen, Yves Saint Lauren and then I launched my brand OROORO Brand Italy by Oronzo De Matteis.
 My latest collaboration has just been sighted on Asia Wedding Network. It was a photo shoot designed and designed by Marcella Lavarini of Fairytaleweds. The shots were inspired by the real wedding and the key words were: romantic, glamor, trendy and a non-conventional pinch. The wedding was absolutely perfect enough to want to share the story of this dream family made once in a lifetime that has come true through a shooting on the island of Garda in Italy, the photo shoot was certainly very popular thanks to the big names of the fashion design to which we have entrusted: for the wedding and clothes GALIA LAHAV HOUSE OF COUTURE of the Hollywood Star, the groom dressed by Carlo Pignatelli who made the history of Made in Italy tailored menswear, Marcella Lavarini has embellished and completed the bride with my luxury handmade shoes, OROORO LUXURY SHOES, with materials of great value, which she defines as "Romantic princesses without time", coordinated with different wedding dresses, dazzling photographers and videographers.  
When did you understand that you want to become a designer?
I understood it from an early age! I was born in Germany and lived my childhood in Dusseldorf where the case wanted there to be many international fairs including the GDS International Event for Shoes. Walking with my father, I saw run men and women very elegant and very busy in the field of fashion. I was fascinated and fascinated by those people and I told my father: "I want to become like them and make fashion! The curiosity and desire I had as a child were then turned into passion and determination to become a shoe designer". Moreover, Dusseldorf is a city defined as romantic par excellence and this has certainly influenced the romanticism that I express in my creations.
Did you ever thought about giving up during your trip?
I became what "I knew I could become a fashion character but in reality" I do not feel at all to rest with my feet on the ground and I am used to sacrifice, the easy career does not exist and maybe we all get beauty and know how to stay for many years in this sector of fashion and cinema. Absolutely I thought about giving up and also very often, but the next day I took the desire to resume and this did not weigh so I realized it was my right way.
What about your overall look on fashion?
My look on fashion and not follow the masses, I do not love it I also find it very vulgar. I love Simplicity '"always synonymous with beauty" for me to do it alone. I love elegance and refinement, but always attentive to quality, comfort and design.
What is fashion for you?
Fashion is simply staying oneself knowing how to distinguish from the crowd, keeping our principles and values healthy are the values of our land that then help us to create and express our feelings in creations.
Some suggestions for your most important lines or collections.
Currently they are in the fifth collection after Gold Edition and Gold Edition Limited, the Bridal Collection, Desiderium and the Sneaker Positive Limited Edition, in which there are also some capsules. All shoes for a unique woman with a strong personality, strong and never vulgar, but sophisticated and elegant ".
How do you see your future?
My future I see it continue to create my creations Bride and Joy realizing the dream of every woman even the most important day of their lives, then there will still be other possibilities that could find me ready, how to run a fashion house my dream remains DIOR of the Louise Vuitton group where last year I had a cognitive meeting ... in the meantime I continue to follow what I have created and my collection of jewelry and bridal shoes, trying to do my job well, then we will see " .
You've been inspired by what?
I am inspired and I love as a child the fairy tale of Cinderella and the princesses stolen on horseback, I love the Romantic style that distinguishes me I consider myself a little prince looking for a princess and anyway living in Salento it is natural to take inspiration from the beautiful romantic scenery baroque that surrounds me and from the sea, from the sound of the waves, from its scent. A great beauty in which I lose myself and from which I take sensations that then, usually at night, are transformed into creative intuitions. And down sketches and drawings "... just like in a fairy tale I enter into a world of" Fantasy "all mine where I dream of the Princess who will wear my unique creations
What about your future projects?
Important future projects have entered the Cinema by creating and designing the footwear for Film Del Cinema, the latest is: "even without you" with the actor Nikolas Vaporidis and Miryam Catania to name a few, in this period filming another film but I can not reveal it you will see it at the Cinema, I have also worn various actresses Conductors and women of the show I cite some very good ( Elisabetta Pellini, Elena Ossola, Clarissa Leone, Larissa Volpentesta, Miriam Catania, Claudia Pandolfi. I want of entering in this sector not leaving the industry of Wedding very dear to me, the Alta Moda Italiana Capitolina where I have been present for 8 years between fashion shows and partnerships, and I do not reserve any nice surprise for fashion show Dubai or Monte-Carlo fashion week.

PH. by Paolo Berzacola

Interview by Maria Christina Rigano

Oronzo De Matteis Founder & Creative Director
Intagram: orooro_footwear_official


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