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ORTOINARTE, Cettina Bucca and the mythopoetic strength of nature

The exceptional richness of the vegetation of the Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo is the ideal setting for the ORTOINARTE festival dedicated to creative excellence in the variety of its expressions: the mythopoeic strength of nature, the action and symbolic resonance of colors, the expression of the body in dance and movement, the suggestions of speech and sound.

From May 26 to June 2 a series of events are planned that revolve around the relationship between Nature and Art, and which see in the sensitive experience of beauty the pivot of this relationship.

The eclectic Sicilian designer Cettina Bucca is the protagonist of the evening of May 27th with a dancing performance to show her creations. The creativity of fashion as a hymn of the beauty of the Body and the Soul.

Cettina Bucca draws from her beloved Sicily the defined colors, strong as the light of the sun and endless like the sea that then turn into a light game of nuances and contrasts, where plants and flowers of the Sicilian spring fields become living material for prints and textures .


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