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Paolo Penk, the super glam florentine jeweler’s lab

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance and culture in the world, is the city that hosts, in the heart of its extraordinary historical center, the wonderful goldsmith shop of Paolo Penko, heir of a centuries-old tradition that sees precious metals being forged and shaped to become authentic miniature sculptures, artistic masterpieces to wear to live an endless emotion on your skin. Master goldsmith, craftsman, artist, designer, cultured and refined man as well as entrepreneur and refined voice of the high Florentine jewelry, Paolo Penko, in his workshop a few steps from the Duomo, together with his wife Beatrice - expert in gemology - and her son Alessandro, creates unique jewels, rigorously handcrafted in the wake of a goldsmith tradition that has no equal in the world for prestige and peaks of stylistic virtuosity.

Jewels with an exclusive and surprising design tell a Florentine story of excellence and passion where the shop is the beating heart of every revolutionary artistic project. Today like yesterday. It is here that the miracle of the birth of works destined to leave a mark over time and to warm the hearts of those in search of true beauty is consummated. Here, unique jewels in the world come to life with skilled hands capable of interpreting a millennial savoir faire in a contemporary way. Techniques that have always characterized the Florentine goldsmith's art, such as chisel, burin engraving, fretwork and niello live thanks to Paolo Penko an eternal spring and are able to tell the new and the now without falling into traps of Renaissance citationism. Go ahead and then to glamor and modernity for an art that can tell the world with new eyes.


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