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The collection Fall-Winter 2016/17 of Parakian is a large canvas on which the bright colours of the clothes dash with their power.

Shades of watercolour and gouache, brush strokes of oil paint, collage of clippings; they are notes, eeting sensations fixed on the paper; they are instantaneous impressions, expressions of a feeling.

Through the worn pages of a notebook, the emotions become colour, the colour shape, and the shape construction.

Prints are pure artistic creation, with clear references to the great masters of the Expressionist painting, Matisse, Rothko, Kirchner, and to the design movements from the Vienna Secession to the Memphis group. The printed and jacquard clothes alternate pieces of pure colour, shaded knits, colour-block coats, in a look of contrasts and harmonies extremely contemporary.

A collection of versatile clothes offered for different occasions. Each outfit is studied in its entirety, thought to dress up a strong personality and express its vitality. Like a painting, each dress fascinates, tells a story, and reveals the emotions of the woman who wears it and her uniqueness.

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