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Paris Haute Couture, Yumi Katsura SS 2019

Refined Japanese couturier, Yumi Katsura succeeds in the prodigy to fully respect her culture of origin grafting on something so ineffable and extraordinary avant-garde elements that are a real eye candy. The lion's part is the colors, absolutely vivid and strong as well as the brilliant prints, especially those made with the color contrast between stripes in different shades. The result is a Japan whose kimonos and, above all fabulous obi, know well how to play with the "geometry of creativity", lengthening, withdrawing, exasperating or reducing themselves in shapes as if they were fashion bonsai.

Clearly, the new spring/summer 2019 Haute Couture collection by Yumi Katsura is all about size, a masterful up & down, superb large & skinny, and the use of extremely precious fabrics that make these high-quality creations a true hymn to joy. By wearing them, we challenge anyone not to feel different.

A smile will certainly peep out because it is clothes that can give new energy to the mind and body. Live clothes, real, powerful. Not just garments, but almost uniforms of a happy soul. This collection participates in "Japonismes 2018", a project currently underway in Paris commemorating 160 years of friendship between Japan and France. For the occasion, the designer wanted to present 28 dresses able to express her very personal concept of "Japonisme", symbolized by her kimono belt that she was able to show in absolutely spectacular fashion variations, creating maxi bows, girdling the waist, rolling it around the body in an absolutely new way.


Mood: Eclettic Japonismes
Lengths: all, dalmini also with train until the long evening with both dresses and capes
Volumes: soft, comfy with wide sleeves, long dress from the line that is a caress for the body and supports every movement
Colors: white, black, red, orange, coral, pink, green, blue, gold,
Fabrics: cotton, satin, organza, silk, mikado, tulle, lamé


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