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Paris Haute Couture 2019, Giambattista Valli ss 2019

Giambattista Valli is the flagship of Made in Italy in France. Roman by birth, he found in France the land of choice where to express all his creative talent made especially of Grandeur to the nth degree. Here is one thing he really learned from the French. To take off the foot from the brake and push inspiration to the maximum. He loves to play with everything you can hyperbolically create with tulle and, of course, flowers, with all over applications, obtained by hand or laser cut, or bright floral prints that Botticelli would have loved. In this new Haute Couture spring/summer 2019 collection, there are no flowers in spite of being a spring collection, but it does not matter because there is everything for which Valli has become one of the most iconic and admired designers in the world.

Tulle in profuse, for daring corsets, for imperial skirts for grand soirée. What Valli can do with tulle is really prodigious because every creation has something unique in it. The same applies to his boundless love for sculptural and important volumes. Of course, in the collection there are many adorable minidresses decorated with crystals and feathers, authentic jewels of style perfect for a cocktail or romantic evening, but for an Oscar red carpet or any other excellent occasion to amaze the media, photographers and annihilate all possible rivals, aim for a dress whose skirt is literally stratospheric, not only wide and decorated with cascades of ruffles, but also with a train and some touches of crystal light inserted here and there, to win for sure, stealing the scene in a definitive way. Here then in the Valli collection everything is to feel diva and divine.

On the other hand, high fashion is a dream, and no one better than Giambattista Valli knows that dreams, however much out of a grandeur sometimes out of control, are desires to be realized with passion and meters and meters of precious tulle and fabrics. 


Mood: Grandeur made in Italy
Lengths: all of them, from the minidress to the garments and to the wide evening dresses
Volumes: grandeur without limits thanks to tulle and stratospheric skirts
Colors: black, white, gold, silver, powder pink, coral, fuchsia, burgundy
Fabrics: silk, tulle, organza, satin

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