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Paris Haute Couture, Alexandre Vauthier SS 2019

As if on a splendid swing, Alexandre Vauthier does up & down, having a lot of fun touching the sky of androgyny and then touching the ground among his women who dare shapes and silhouettes that are decidedly feminine and romantic. In this move with grace on the razor edge of gender rejection classically understood, here for the next spring/summer 2019, Alexandre Vauthier proposes skinny trouser suits, even in the evening, that sinuously wrap extremely rigorous silhouettes, clean and classy, but with vivacity, dictated by the fabrics chosen to enhance clean and essential lines.

Next to ephebic and sensual creatures, like so many pop ups full of joie de vivre, here are new muses on the catwalk, wrapped in garments that are an explosion of ruffles. The balloon mini dresses are truly irresistible, as well as those with an abyssal neckline surrounded by dozens of maxi ruffles that frame it with sublime sex appeal with a look that, thanks to glitter and phantasmagorical decoration, would certainly not have disfigured the legendary Studio 54. Really fabulous over shirts that seem to twirl like clouds in the sky and the wide jackets and coats with extraordinary eggshape sleeves.

For a design of excellence that reveals creativity and master tailoring. Please stand up! Also the amazing palette of colors chosen for this haute couture collection is softly fluctuating and thus it goes, with pleasant nonchalance, from delicately pastel shades to other more rock and strong shades.

Alexandre Vauthier is a fine psychologist and knows how to describe the thousand shades of the female soul because they are full of double and triple bottoms in which for modesty and protection women hide the most real part of themselves, until the time comes, before the right person, to open them up and show how much precious, authentic and personal aspects they contain. In the meantime, better take advantage of these couture looks that allow you to wear your mood of the moment, passing from the most absolute rigor to the most effervescent sparkling, without forgetting, as the brilliant couturier knows, that both are part of the same medal. Sensitive and iconic, Alexandre Vauthier is one of the few couturiers who in his atelier uses not only needle and thread, but above all heart and mind for creations able to tell fascinating and timeless stories. A first-class storyteller, as well as a sublime artist

Mood: Both side of a feminine story
Lengths: all, from the seductive mini to the long evening to seduce at first sight
Volumes: skinny for suits, pants and shirts; absolutely over for the evening thanks to baloon solutions
Colors: beige, black, white, green, powder pink, gold, nude
Fabrics: crepe, wool, lamé, glitter, leather, tulle, organza, satin, silk

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