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Paris Haute Couture, Antonio Grimaldi SS 2019

Antonio Grimaldi, among the most important Italian names officially invited to Paris to present his new Haute Couture collection during the official calendar, once again holds up the banner of the great Made in Italy and confirms to be one of the most talented couturiers ever. Whether Italian, with all the savoir faire, good taste, class and unconditional love for Beauty and Well made, it is something that, undeniably, fills us with pride. However, to define such an immense, evident, and confirmed talent only on the basis of his natal origin seems rather limiting because creativity has no boundaries whatsoever and perhaps only starts from something, a certain imprinting, which is like a springboard. However, how and where frankly depends only and exclusively on him. His latest Haute Couture collection, a contemporary essay and universal value on what harmony and grace means in Rome, Paris and throughout the world, could not be a better example.

A whirlwind of shapes and silhouettes that demonstrate sublime and master tailoring able to translate into reality the very essence, immaterial and ethereal, of true High Fashion that is pure dream. However, with Antonio Grimaldi it becomes real: authentic poetry that excites and nourishes the mind of beauty. Let good enter inside of you and good, through actions and words, will come out. This happens admiring Antonio Grimaldi's timeless style masterpieces, in which lightness and fluidity are combined with sculptural and three-dimensional volumes made possible thanks to fabrics with an architectural verve. Research and experimentation, in fact, have always been part of the background of a couturier who knows how to reconcile art and fashion with innate predisposition.

Cultured, refined, Antonio Grimaldi is a true esthete who has also wanted to include various proposals for men, designed for important events. It is suffice to note the sartorially sculptural structure of outerwear designed to highlight a modern, fresh, and classy masculine silhouette. Authentic jewelry looks in important fabrics and embellished with fabulous details that make each garment absolutely unique and tres charmant. For men, men, men.


Mood: The labyrinth of life
Lengths: from short to long even with a train, no half measures
Volumes: the fabrics caress the silhouette sinuously supporting the movement even grids with seductive splits while long hoods have important volumes and the soirée grand soirée
Colors: brown, dark brown cream, gray, powder pink, beige, wisteria with shocking pink
Fabrics: crepe, chiffon, silk, macramé, leather, feathers

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