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Paris Haute Couture, Azzaro Couture SS 2019

A hard rock atmosphere by Azzaro Couture that for the high fashion spring/summer 2019 collection has decided to focus all on the glamor of a very bohemian world full of stories, legends, anecdotes that make and will forever make entire generations dream. Thus, green light for the most loved color, that of the rebellion to the system, black, which conveys in itself many social instances. There is no other possibility when it comes to rock and, opposition, denial, desire to free from the chains of the dictates of a society to which one feels they do not belong.

This theme lends itself to many interpretations and sociological analysis, but even fashion can and must express itself because it is an ever-current theme that will exist as long as the world lasts, or that certain type of world cut to size of a few powerful and that is so uncomfortable for everyone else. Black by Azzaro Couture, though also in refined evening dresses, maintains its original symbolism and through studs, use of leather and strong accessories conquers an audience of all ages. Of course, beyond this discourse, we would like to mention that with this sumptuous collection with perfect sartorial creation, Azzaro Couture demonstrates how high-fashion savoir faire manages to give body and life to the ideal and, in addition to total black, it winks the eye with audacity even the eighties with jackets wringed at the waist by the important shoulders. Total black, of course.


Mood: Let's rock again
Lengths: all, from mini to extra long
Volumes: all, both skinny and comfy
Colors: black, white, silver, light blue, blue
Fabrics: leather, velvet, crepe, organza, silk


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