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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Antonio Ortega

It is a liquid collection that of Antonio Ortega who, thanks to coated fabrics and technicians, manages to create silhouettes that seem to almost melt to give life to new forms. His Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2018-19 is from the point of view of truly eclectic and original design. The starting idea, the eternal flow and becoming of forms, proves successful. It does not count here much to demonstrate the portability of these clothes but to concretely show a concept, an idea and never the metaphor of the panta rei has been better interpreted visually in the fashion world.

All thanks to a great creativity and a study of fabrics that is needed more than ever before, especially in the world of haute couture where the precious fabric is no longer just the one classically understood as such, but the need to go beyond is required. just like Iris Van Herpen, you want to communicate something new with your clothes. And a new fabric is essential to say something new or at least to say it differently.


Inspiration: The eternal flow of things
Lengths: all
Amplitudes: soft and cmfy
Colors: gold, white, black, silver, gray
Fabrics: silk, pvc, wool, coated fabrics

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