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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Ashi Studio

Endless. The Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2018-19 collection by Ashi Studio is just like the famous song by Gino Paoli. An endless and timeless emotion. Eternal, bewitching, pure oxygen in a world like fashion where everything seems often already seen. For those who are hostages of Beauty, by chance or by destiny, while the years pass, from collection to collection, often forgotten and forgettable, in the long run, perhaps, a bit of initial enthusiasm is lost in the street.

Unless you have a stubborn look and hope that finally arrives a day in which from behind the backstage comes out on the catwalk something that like a defribrillatore reignite the beats of our sleeping heart.

With Ashi Studio and its masterly collection where everything is beauty and poetry, among precious fabrics and volumes that seem carved in marble for how they manage to overcome the laws of gravity, all the passion for true high fashion is rekindled.

Collections like this, in which it is impossible to decree which is the most iconic and successful dress, possessing all a wonderful soul that speaks straight to the heart, are the true elixir of eternal youth of which haute couture has always been looking.

Authentic works of art that will remain in history. Because, maybe yes, fashion changes, fashion passes, fashion goes away. But this collection of Ashi Studio, we are sure, however, will remain in imperial memory.


Inspiration: The architecture of forms
Lengths: long tout court
Amplitude: at full volume with lots of tailored elements made in 3D
Colors: white, cream, black, gray
Fabrics: lace, silk, organza, mikado, crepe, satin


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