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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Chanel

In a bewitching scenography inspired by the Lungosenna and its delicious banquets of rare and precious books, the Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2018-19 collection by Chanel has marveled with remarkable parisienne charm. Karl Lagerfeld wanted to renew the heritage of the maison, always focusing on the great classics but completely reinterpreted in a fresher and younger way. High fashion looks at young people and tries to shake off their serious and academic reputation to show a more smart and captivating face, in perfect harmony with the fast times we live. And fast, dynamic and extremely captivating is this high fashion collection in which a punk rock allure meets street aesthetics with extraordinary results. The suits and coats have skinny lines that wrap around the silhouette and are worn over damn rocker leather ankle boots. The evening sees the triumph of black and asymmetries, with contrasting panel inserts and drapes in fabrics of other colors, between clouds of ruffles and ruffles and sensual see through effects.


Inspiration: A walk on the Lungosenna
Lengths: all, from the mini al llungo with a train
Widths: both skinny and soft
Colors: gray, blue, pink, brown, gold, black, bronze, light blue, red
Fabrics: tweed, satin, silk, wool, velvet, organza, tulle



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