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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Eva Minge

In the frame of a classical ballet, between authentic dancers that move gracefully and elegantly wrapped in romantic tutu, Eva Minge's new haute couture fall / winter 2018-19 collection aims at obtaining the same sophisticated result through a series of dresses from allure bon chic bon genre.

If the tweed, with tailored suits and tunics from the original silhouettes, is the great protagonist of the day, the evening is tinged with pure poetry thanks to large tulle skirts that embellish important dresses of grand soirée, with finely embroidered corsets, while the long dresses fasciante , total black or lacquered red, have languid transparencies and necklines and play with determination the card of glamour and seduction.

Eva Minge shows in this wonderful haute couture collection that she really has a special relationship with all that is class, refinement and good taste. On the other hand, elegance is an innate gift, you do not buy, you do not learn, someone tries to imitate it but it is always a bad imitation soon unmasked. Eva Minge has elegance in her DNA as this collection shows very well: it's in fact dedicated to all women who love being feminine and sensual without ever giving up being sophisticated and chic.

It is a subtle game of harmony rather difficult to know how to handle and nowadays so few women know how to do it ... But Eva Minge has her muses and aims to exalt this marvelous harmony between appearing and being with clothes full of femininity and poetic upper class.


Inspiration: Dancing in the moonlight
Lengths: all, from short from day to long from evening
Amplitudes: soft volumes for the day and evening become large and decidedly important in evening wear with maxi tulle skirts
Colors: red, black, light blue, pastel yellow, ecru, nude
Fabrics: organza, silk, tulle, tweed, crepe

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