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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Franck Sorbier

A Haute Couture in movement, which gracefully hovers over the miseries of life and of men who seem to be able only to destroy all the beauty that surrounds us. Franck Sorbier not only takes the defenses of Mother Nature with a series of protest placards exhibited during his fashion show, but also shows how she, in her magnificence and poetry, lives in each of us if we know how to open our eyes well on who we are and to listen to her eternal voice. And just to the hypnotic sound of a dance that wants to be almost eschatological, the muses of Sorbier move, wrapped in clothes that are authentic masterpieces of high tailoring, but above all poetic and romantic.

To the ugliness of the world is answered by contrasting the pure Beauty and this is the mission of the collection haute couture fall / winter 2018-19 by Franck Sorbier.

The wonderful flowers printed on jackets combined with large skirts with veil are a wonderful tribute to Nature, so the majily embroidered mini-dresses with sumptuous silhouettes. The dresses with fringes and lace inserts are the climax of a dance that wants to awaken people's hearts and make them beat again to the rhythm of life when they are in the presence of true Beauty.


Inspiration: The beautiful East Streets!
Lengths: all
Amplitudes: definitely important, with sculptural volumes
Colors: black, white, red, blue, nude
Fabrics: tulle, satin, silk, organza

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