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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Georges Chakra

With they eyes veiled by a thin black band made by tulle with precious embroidery ton sur ton, the splendid muses of Georges Chakra make their way onto the catwalk. For his haute couture fall / winter 2018-19 collection he imagined a world where seduction is a wonderful equation given by elegance, attitude and the desire to dare. If the constant, its k, in every collection of high fashion is the incessant work of creation of unprecedented wonderful silhouettes, the unknown factor of this couture equation is the woman herself with her unique and special personality.

With such powerful and extraordinary clothes as those of Georges Chakra, a woman without a strong and defined identity will act as a crutch to that masterpiece and people will always notice her dress and never her. Such a pity. But it's also right by the way. When behind a haute couture dress it's safe to say that are hidden months and months of hard creative, sartorial and craft work, it is not enough to have purchasing power to acquire the same grandeur of that dress. Women must deserve it, conquer it on the field, work on theirselves or, for very few lucky ones, have it innate.

There are creations that to shine in an absolute way they need to move on two tracks in an incessant dialogue between the dress and the wearer. On the other hand, it is enough to look at them, through plays of transparencies, asymmetries, sublime embroideries, hyperbolic cuts, iconic prints and precious fabrics to understand that those who wear these masterpieces must be a masterpiece or at least aspire to be, in body and mind.


Inspiration: The equation of a perfect couture
Lengths: all, from the mini to the long to the cork to the long evening
Amplitudes: soft, caress the silhouette and explode in sculptural volumes in the evening
Colors: black, metallic gray, red, tangerine, pink, blue, gold, silver
Fabrics: tulle, lace, velvet, satin, silk, organza


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