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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Maison Anoufa

If fashion is the way to say who you are without having to speak, high fashion is our radiography, a story much deeper than our dreams and desires, confessable and not.

In high fashion you do not mind, you do not get uniform, you do not hide in the group, as happens with the heads of ready to wear.

In high fashion we are. This is the stylistic poetics in which the Maison Anoufa has always believed, as shown by its latest collection haute couture fall / winter 2018-19. Under the banner of being and not of simple appearance, those who choose to dress with these hyperbolically avantgarde creations choose to throw away the mask and show its true face. Free and aware.

On the other hand, there are really many stylistic solutions shown on the catwalk thanks to a sublime craftsmanship supported by an effervescent and innovative creativity.

From the minidresses of the color of the moon, metallic, from the captivating silhouettes in a mix'n remix of bon ton and street style to the total black tailored suits up to the dresses in which the absolute white is combined with studied seethrough effects thanks to experimental fabrics so rich in iridescent shades.

Avantgarde and cutting edge, Maison Anoufa reinterprets femininity in style with a collection of overwhelming allure thanks to dresses with sculptor volumes, made even more sensual and glamorous thanks to studied games of asymmetries.

Haute Couture with Maison Anoufa is revealed in its thousand possibilities of expression.


Mood: Transgressive experimentation
Lengths: all, from mini to long evening
Amplitude: comfy volumes that caress the siluouette
Colors: metallic gray, white, black
Fabrics: silk, organza, wool, experimental fabrics


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