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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Stéphane Rolland

Sculptor and architect of clothes more than simply couturier, Stéphane Rolland confirms all his visionary talent with a fall / winter 2018-19 collection which is a hymn to high fashion and all its stylistic potential if supported by an extraordinary creativity and a modeling able to challenge the force of gravity, creating volumes and silhouettes that seem to be suspended in space.

The greatness of Stéphane Rolland lies in giving life to these sculptures, making them move in space, demonstrating how everything in every look is frozen, hibernated and I can not move anything from the static pose that he has managed to impose thanks to a very excellent dexterity. Cashmere, leather, satin, silk: every fabric is shaped like marble and every dress conceived as a work of art that knows how to go the streets of the world, spreading poetry at every step, given that every piece is so great and absolute in its beauty, but also perfectly wearable.

Stéphane Rolland always repeats every extravagance an end in itself, indeed its intent is to continue to dig into the gold mine of refinement and elegance to bring more and more surface, perhaps in new and unexplored forms, to be included in every new collection because the high fashion, dressing the body with so much grace, pushes the wearer to consequently also dress another mental habit.

And so from beauty is born more beauty and suddenly in the end it can also happen that thanks to a dress the world changes, because the opposite is unfortunately true: those who dress badly speak bad and live even worse.


Inspiration: Sculptures in movement
Lengths: only long for evening dresses
Amplitudes: always soft, they become majestic for the most conceptual evening dresses
Colors: white, blue, sand, nude, pink, magenta, gold, silver, red
Fabrics: leather, satin, cashmere, silk, organza, wool, raw silk

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