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Paris Haute Couture F/W 2018-19, Armani Privè

Armani Privè, Giorgio Armani's high fashion line, has always been a guarantee of class and refinement, and even the fall / winter 2018-19 collection does not disappoint expectations that are always very high when the creations of King Giorgio are on the runway . Nobody is like him. For more than 40 years it has been on the crest of a wave, a success after another, but a wrong collection: Giorgio Armani is a pigliatutto ace and in Paris, the undisputed capital of high fashion, he gets out, amid applause and enthusiastic criticism, this too fashion week with garments in satin and velvet, in white, gold, black and ivory, which are the sum of its iconic style, unique, irresistible and unmistakable.

As always, the cult garment is the jacket, both for the finely embroidered day and for the evening with velvet inserts. The coats are long, ample and cover total white, essential and minimal chic looks.

Great ethnic jewelry and luxury accessories enhance timeless creations, authentic works of art and not simply clothes because, we are ready to bet, in decades, they will still be beautiful and wearable. Because, just as Coco Chale said, fashion passes, style remains, especially that of Giorgio Armani.


Inspiration: The great Italian class
Lengths: short jackets at the waist, long evening dresses
Amplitude: soft lines that caress the silhouette without marking the shapes
Colors: white, black, gold, ivory, brown
Fabrics: satin, silk, mikado, cashmere, wool, organza, crepe


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