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Paris Haute Couture, Iris Van Herpen FW 2017-18

Iris Van Herpen is like the Star Trek Enterprise, the mythical spaceship hunting for distant worlds where everything is different and so special, unique, original.

Every show is a journey into the unknown, in the infinite Cosmos of ideas, an intergalactic map made by alien creations, “alien” from those of any other designer, because the word “alien” from the Latin alienus ("belonging to other, stranger; foreigner) shows just like the fashion designer and her creations, are extraneous and foreign in the fashion world that cannot incorporate or categorize her.

She and her creations, like those of this amazing haute couture fall/winter 2017-18 collection,  speak another language, almost a confidential code to those like her that are still trying to find a new road and in the meantime, with consistency, commitment and determination, insist on a route that they know is the right one. The intuition is the compass.

Between avant-garde experimentations of shapes, fabrics and materials, the resul is absolutely brilliant and, beyond the show that everyone of us always appreciate for its hyperbolic and eccentric inspiration, the clothes show a high level of craftsmanship and a masterful achievement down to the smallest detail

The Future is Now and its prophetess is Iris Van Herpen.


Mood: Alien princess in 3D
Lenght: Mini dress, long evening dresses and maxi capes with train
Breadth: long dresses have tight shapes or fluctuating; remarkable are capes with hyper scenographic volumes
Colors: white, black, cobalt blue, metallic grey
Fabrics: silk, organza, voile, technic fabrics

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