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Paris Haute Couture, Julien Fournié SS 2019

We must admit it: it will certainly be remembered as one of the most successful Haute Couture collections of this week in Parisian High Fashion. Julien Fournié, absolute esthete and poet of beauty, has enchanted everyone with fashion designed for real women who want to live a dream of pure beauty that lasts twenty-four hours a day and not just the few hours reserved for very few special occasions.

The Ephemeral reigns. Here Substance triumphs, the reality of something destined for its beauty and portability to last over time. To all those clothes created in the name of Grandeur at all costs, often more free than actually necessary, in this induced game of losing an unethical aesthetic pursued like a Grail that finally turns out to be a frivolous chimera, Julien Fournié responds with a Haute Couture with double bottom: magical, unexpected, surprising. Cascade of ruffles? Shower of crystals and sequins? Anthology of embroidery, glitter and kaleidoscopic details?

None of this. Julien Fourniè does not suffer from Horror Vacui. He does not need to resort to miserable tricks because a dress with a trivial design seems like something in the eyes of people only because it is cunningly hidden by a thousand artifices. The mask comes off. Fourniè is a breed couturier. It is enough to admire even one of the dresses that he launched in his latest spring/summer 2019 Haute Couture collection to realize that he is an authentic prodigy. His creations have a double soul. Seen in front of they seem like a thing, but as soon as the model turns around, it is as if another dress appeared.

Completely different. We are not talking about variations on a theme, an unexpected neckline. For heaven's sake, nothing so trivial! The dress we see in front has a completely different allure from on the back so much that it does not even seem to have been conceived by the designer himself. As if the right hand was drawing without the knowledge of the left ... an authentic design miracle! So here they are, all to admire, these masterpieces of style that finally tell something completely new about the world of Haute Couture on which everyone seemed to agree that by now everything had been said and the opposite of everything. But instead no. And here is Julien Fournié with his minimal chic clothes with a clean and rigorous line, made with precious fabrics and enriched with absolutely deluxe cult accessories. An unmissable collection!



Mood: The other side of the story - double bottom

Lengths: all, especially at the knee for the day and long for the evening

Volumes: sculptural cuts for the day and large, soft volumes after sunset

Colors: blue, sand, blue, green, cherry, white, sahara, gray, burgundy, nude, sable

Fabrics: crepe, tulle, organza, silk, leather

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