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Paris Haute Couture July 2018, Sonia Rykiel is the new name

The Paris Haute Couture calendar is getting more and more interesting and, in addition to the usual big names scheduled for the next edition, it has included a completely new one that for those unfamiliar with the sublime artisanal world of luxury knitwear seems almost out of place Sonia Rykiel, who disappeared only two years ago, was an authentic sculptor in the knitwear world, creating a collection of hyperbolic masterpieces of timeless style from the collection's collection.

It is therefore the name of its fashion house that surprisingly fits into the already busy Parisian calendar of haute couture fashion shows in what is also a homage to a historic and prestigious French fashion house that this year celebrates its first 50 years.

Certainly on the catwalk we will have the opportunity to admire all the surprising couture solutions that high-end knitwear can show off. In fact, we already know that the collection is called "L'Atelier", will be limited edition and presented at the Ecole des Beaux- Arts, the famous art school in Paris not only by professional models, but by many types of women who represent customers from all over the world who loved the style of Sonia Rykiel, wearing each of her creations with love.


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