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Paris Haute Couture, La Métamorphose SS 2019

A spring/summer 2019 Haute Couture collection entirely dedicated to the concept of line that wraps the feminine silhouette, molding shapes and consequently giving it a certain unavoidable appeal. The rigor of the stylistic choices of this brand fits well with the desire to create long dresses that live in precious and surprising details.

They can be laser cut petals or armor-like frames that adorn with grit simple and linear bodices. Naturally, oxymoron are not lacking because, as you know, the line can also become an arabesque and here, in the name of haute couture, both spectacular and traditional garments from skirts that are so important that they can almost fill a room thanks to the many layers of ruffles they are composed of. Effervescent, vital, designed for women who love High Fashion that respects their personality, the brand La Métamorphose aims to invite each of its clients to become finally a butterfly from a chrysalis, experimenting with a ladylike style that can be ignited at the request of flashes of creative genius. Just keep an open mind and voila, with La Métamorphose you're done.


Mood: From chrysalis to butterfly
Lengths: above all long and enveloping
Volumes: series and rigorous for linear looks, but also extremely over for grand soirée dresses 
Colors: peach, liliac, yellow, white, black
Fabrics: silk, organza, tulle, crepe, taffeta


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